level: number

It is an integer greater than or equal to 0.

predecessorBlockHash: string
proto: number

It is an integer greater than or equal to 0.

rpcData: {
    adaptive_issuance_vote?: AdaptiveIssuanceVote;
    context: string;
    fitness: readonly string[];
    level: number;
    liquidity_baking_escape_vote?: boolean | LiquidityBakingToggleVotes;
    liquidity_baking_toggle_vote?: LiquidityBakingToggleVotes;
    operations_hash: string;
    payload_hash?: string;
    payload_round?: number;
    predecessor: string;
    priority?: number;
    proof_of_work_nonce: string;
    proto: number;
    seed_nonce_hash?: string;
    signature: string;
    timestamp: TimeStampMixed;
    validation_pass: number;

Raw data as received from Tezos Node RPC. Taquito interface may not be exact.

Type declaration

  • Optional Readonly adaptive_issuance_vote?: AdaptiveIssuanceVote
  • Readonly context: string
  • Readonly fitness: readonly string[]
  • Readonly level: number
  • Optional Readonly liquidity_baking_escape_vote?: boolean | LiquidityBakingToggleVotes
  • Optional Readonly liquidity_baking_toggle_vote?: LiquidityBakingToggleVotes
  • Readonly operations_hash: string
  • Optional Readonly payload_hash?: string
  • Optional Readonly payload_round?: number
  • Readonly predecessor: string
  • Optional Readonly priority?: number
  • Readonly proof_of_work_nonce: string
  • Readonly proto: number
  • Optional Readonly seed_nonce_hash?: string
  • Readonly signature: string
  • Readonly timestamp: TimeStampMixed
  • Readonly validation_pass: number
timestamp: Date
uid: string

Universal ID of the entity on the blockchain. It is still human-readable.


Block hash / operation group hash / operation index [ operation kind ]


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